LIGHT Hi again! Today I'm talking to you about light. First of all, the very definition of Photography is ' painting with light '. Photography is capturing light to create an image. The most basic way to do that is with a 'shoebox' camera, which doesn't even have to be made with a shoebox. In fact, you can use any closed container to build the project. Look it up! So basically, light is absolutely the most important element of photography. Before taking that photo or selfie, check to see where your light is. The light will determine if your subject's eyes will be in shadow or if they will be squinting into the sun. The light will determine if your friend's hair has beautiful highlights or if the photo will be drab. Don't leave shooting beautiful photos to chance. Find your light. A photographer is always experimenting and studying light and shadows.  They push themselves by taking photos in different scenarios. So, if you want to learn more, experime


Hi everyone,  This blog is to help all the shutterbugs,  selfie fanatics, twitchers, and Uncle Bob's take better photos.  Sometimes simply capturing an image seems thrilling enough. Like, when you suddenly see that majestic eagle fly overhead and you happen to have a camera in hand. YES! Even though the eagle ended up blurry, it doesn't seem to matter....'cause you GOT HIM! I'm here to help you be even more thrilled with your photos with just a few simple tweaks.  I will start with simple solutions first. GRIDS Today I will talk about taking a photo of your friend. (We will work on eagles at another time) 1. If you are using a cell phone and want to capture the surrounding area, turn the phone landscape (sideways), not up and down. If you are taking a full length shot of your friend, and you don't care about the venue, you can keep it upright. 2. Step back. Most selfie photos are taken too closely to the subject. Stand about 6 to 10 feet from your friend. This will